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We are specialized in the musical animation of live violin on music background for events in Belgium and abroad.

Our mission: To enchant your event!



Our values:

Passion for music

100% of satisfied customers


If you are looking for a saxophone musical animation,
please visit the following website:





Our goal is to enchant your event and to surprize your guests with a unique original musical animation.

We are playing live violin on music background during your event.

We are performing with an electric or classical violin.

​This animation is perfect for a Wedding, Birthday, Private party, Corporate event, Ceremony and many other events.

We are playing in Belgium and abroad.


We are offering a personalized performance depending on your event. We can play all music styles: modern and old hits, lounge, jazz, deep house, funk, electro, house, soul, pop, dance, disco...



Our strong experience in the music world and in the event industry provides you a high quality performance

It will be a pleasure to play on the music of your DJ if you booked one. If not, a DJ is not mandatory for the performance. We guarantee thus the lowest price.


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